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1 On 1 Coaching Schedule

Our Fitness Coaching Program consists of one hundred fifty-six (156) total scheduled sessions. There are seven (7) levels of coaching through which you will progress.  Levels 1 through 7 are each broken up into five (5) blocks of coaching.  Each block focuses on specific goals over the course of 4-5 sessions.  Below is a sample of what your coaching schedule will look like:

Level I1-45-910-1314-1718-21
Level II22-2627-3132-3637-4142-46
Level III47-5152-5657-6162-6667-71
Level IV72-7576-7980-8384-8788-91
Level V92-9596-99100-103104-107108-111
Level VI112-115116-119120-123124-127128-131
Level VII132-136137-141142-146147-151152-156

Train with up to 4 friends 3 days per week.


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Coaching Payment Plans
$150.00 Per Session


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Why 1 On 1 Coaching?

In our 1 on 1 coaching program, you will train in dynamic, client-devoted, private sessions.  Your coach will help you engage your fitness, build your mental and physical toughness, and increase your overall well-being.​​  You will be exposed to an intensive, motivational and supportive environment with your coach.  You will be in competition only with yourself.  Your goal is very simple, reach your highest possible potential.  You will be coached to push yourself and become better each and every day.  Our training motto is stay motivated, stay dedicated.  Don't quit!  Everything you need to succeed is already within you.  We will simply tap into your motivation to help you achieve your goals.  And remember, you can always bring in 4 of your closest friends or family members to train with you in your sessions.​