Business Ethics

Codes of Conduct

Too Broke To 2 Billion, LLC and its subsidiary TBT2B Properties, LLC (herein referred to as "subsidiary") are committed to conducting business with visitors, customers, subscribers, affiliates and partners in an honest and upfront manner, and setting a standard for integrity.   We apply these standards to everything we do and expect the same level of integrity from others.  All employees, officers, affiliates and owner-executives of Too Broke To 2 Billion, LLC and its subsidiary represent Too Broke To 2 Billion, LLC in one capacity or another and are expected to always act in a manner that enhances the reputation of the company through honesty, fairness, competency and professionalism.

The integrity of  Too Broke To 2 Billion, LLC and its subsidiary relies upon the uncompromising personal integrity of each employee. This Code of Conduct applies to employees, officers, affiliates, owner-executives and to anyone retained by Too Broke To 2 Billion, LLC in a similar capacity. It is the responsibility of each employee to use common sense and apply high personal ethical standards in cases where there is no corresponding guideline in this Code of Conduct. While Too Broke To 2 Billion, LLC expects the best from each employee, senior personnel are expected to lead by example described as such:

Codes of Order

There are three codes that all employees, officers, affiliates, owner-executives and anyone retained by Too Broke To 2 Billion, LLC or its subsidiary are expected and required to adhere to.  These codes are designed as a general guideline for employment, affiliation or partnering with Too Broke To 2 Billion, LLC, but isn't meant to be a final draft of expected conduct.  The three codes are:

Loyalty:  Providing your unwavering allegiance, being completely trustworthy and effectively reliable as if being watched by a supervisor.  Never in any way, shape or form, or under any circumstance, compete, directly or indirectly, with the Company, or its subsidiaries or partner companies during the term of your affiliation.

Confidentiality:  Never under any circumstance disclose or provide any information, secrets, procedures or documents you are provided knowledge of,  or access to, to any person, entity, organization, corporation, business or social structure for any reason whatsoever, even after your affiliation expires, or has been terminated.

Subordination:  Respect authority, and those given authority, at all times.  Follow directions as and when given by a superior or designated manager.  Follow through on directives in an efficient and timely manner and never question a superior's directive, unless only to further clarify your understanding of the directive and to perform your task better.

Let Us Know Your Experience

If your experience with Too Broke To 2 Billion, LLC or its subsidiary is less than adequate and you are not treated with honesty, fairness, competency and professionalism, please click the contact us link below with your comment.  Thank You.​


The current name of our company is Too Broke To 2 Billion, LLC.  We have been active and in good standing with the New York Department of State every since our establishment in 2007.  In 2014, the Company published its first book, a self-help financial education book titled It’s Not Your Fault!.  Prior to 2014, the Company had undertaken ventures in finance and investing.  Since August 2015, the Company has shifted its focus to develop Guidance Program.  Guidance Program is a self-improvement and fitness coaching program. 

Mission: Our mission is to support people of all ages, from all backgrounds in building an all-around better version of themselves by equipping them with the necessary mental, physical and emotional tools to gain the confidence, control and direction they need to make positive changes in their life.  

Vision: We will accomplish our mission through our philosophy, one on one and group consultations, action-oriented goals, targeted physical fitness training and inspiration messages.

Products/ Services
It is our intention to reach as many people as possible in as many ways as possible.  With that said, we offer the following coaching products:

  1. Group Coaching Class.
  2. 1 On 1 Coaching
  3. Self-improvement E-books

All of these product are designed to effectively deliver our self-improvement philosophy, advice and fitness information to our clients and customers.