Reach Your Highest Possible Potential
Reaching your highest possible potential simply means realizing and maximizing your talent (i.e. self-actualizing) in whatever you are passionate about. However, within the phrase, you will see three S's colored in red.  This symbolizes the three areas of self mentioned in our e-book Reach Your Highest Possible Potential.

Guidance Program Logo
The letter "A", which connects the words "Guidance" and "Program", resembles a mountain with an uneven, rugged path on the side of it.  This symbolizes the journey towards Actualization.  There is a little red "S" in the middle of the A. This S stands for self.  Self is at the center of your journey towards actualization.  The red color of the "S" symbolizes the power within yourself.  

Guidance Program has a motto; reach your highest possible potential.  That motto is the foundation of our philosophy, self-improvement advice and fitness training program. Our goal is to help you reach your highest possible potential in multiple areas of yourself through our philosophy, advice and fitness training. Below, you will see our emblem, logo, motto and overall philosophy accompanied by a brief description of their meanings.  Please take a moment to read them. 


Guidance Program Emblem
You see the letter "A", connects both words "Guidance" and "Program" together. You will notice the word "Guidance" is at the top and the word "Program" is on the bottom.  This symbolizes, when you start the program, your journey begins at the bottom and you must work your way up to the top.  The guidance you receive during that journey comes from the top.

Fitness Disciplines

In our fitness coaching program, your body will be trained, strengthened and conditioned using a select variety of what we call "targeted workouts".  Each targeted workout falls under one of the four strategically categorized fitness disciplines.  These four fitness disciplines, as defined by Guidance Program, consist of Calisthenics, Cardiovascular, Equilibrium and Resistance.  Each fitness discipline is defined as follows:

  • Calisthenics - Any exercise that uses your own body weight and mechanics to target your attributes and does not use any resistance or other devices.
  • Cardiovascular - Any distance or movement exercise that targets your endurance, speed and/or stamina (i.e. Aerobics, MMA Drills, Dancing, Running).
  • Equilibrium - Any exercise that targets your balance, breathing, core strength and/ or flexibility (i.e. Yoga style moves).
  • Resistance - Any exercise that targets your strength and power using resistance and weighted devices.

These fitness disciplines target both a specific area of your body (e.g. abs, chest) and a specific fitness attribute (e.g. stamina, strength).  If you want to receive the best possible targeted fitness training, do not hesitate to sign up for a group coaching class with a friend or family member, or a 1 on 1 session now.

3 Areas of Self

Change Your Mindset (Mental)
To reach your highest possible potential, you must first change your mindset. You must look within yourself for the motivation and drive to succeed, instead of looking to outside influences for opportunity and success. Our self-improvement content and philosophy can help you develop a stronger, more focused mindset.

Engage Your Fitness (Physical)
To reach your highest possible potential, you must begin strengthening, conditioning and enhancing your body through routine, physical activity. Training your muscles and conditioning your body will provide you not only physical well-being, but also emotional well- being. Our fitness coaching program can help you develop a more physically fit and conditioned body.

Build Your Self-Image (Emotional)
To reach your highest possible potential, you must build a positive self-image. How you see yourself physically is just a small part of your self-image. How you feel about yourself emotionally and having confidence in all of your abilities play a huge role in having a positive self-image. Our passionate coaches and  collaborative motivation can help you build a positive self-image, and become an inspiration to others.